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Macanudo Gold Label - Pure Gold

For any cigar beginners or cigar aficionados out there that have a taste for limited edition cigars, look no further than the Macanudo Gold Label.

This limited release cigar is only available once every year, and rightfully so. The time and dedication that goes into each and every cigar is nothing short of immense.

Our meticulous farmers use the incredibly rare Golden Connecticut Shade “Capa Especial” or special wrapper, to deliver a uniquely mellow and smooth smoking experience.

But, why is this Golden Connecticut Shade wrapper so special?

Because it’s selected from only the best of the 1st and 2nd primings.

Why does Macanudo Gold use the 1st & 2nd primings of tobacco?

Cigar tobacco is normally harvested in stages called primings, and these primings usually occur over the course of about 6 weeks. The 1st and 2nd primings are the tobacco leaves that are picked early in the process, reducing the amount of sun exposure to the tobacco.

When a tobacco leaf is exposed to less sunlight, it greatly affects the aesthetic and flavor profile of the tobacco, resulting in a lighter color, a thinner, more delicate structure, and a sweeter flavor profile due to having less of the plant’s natural sugars converted to nicotine.

The result is our trademark cigar with the traditional smoothness of Macanudo, but with a natural sweetness rarely found in any other cigar in the marketplace.

The Cigar Unwrapped: Macanudo Gold Label

Explore the chart below and discover why Macanudo Gold Label sets itself apart from the rest.

  • Wrapper: Capa Especial Golden Connecticut Shade (1st & 2nd Primings)
  • Binder: Mexican San Andrés
  • Filler: Dominican Piloto Cubano & Mexican
  • Flavor Profile: Mellow

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