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An Evolution of an Icon

An Evolution of an Icon

For 45 years, our rigorous process and diligence to excellence have secured Macanudo’s place as an icon in the cigar world. Our refusal to settle is what keeps us on top - and it’s the reason behind this year’s big changes. From the renovated logo to the daring new blends, we’ve made it clear that the icon is here to stay. Check out the brand’s evolution for yourself. 


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Revamped Logo

We’re proud of our heritage, so when we gave our logo a contemporary makeover, we had to keep the elements that were critical to our roots. Sporting the prominent crown, coins and bold letters of MACANUDO, our new look ushers us into the modern cigar market, while still ringing true to the brand’s core values. 


Bold New Blends

Insp Blog

Macanudo Inspirado

First released internationally, the Macanudo Inspirado’s strong and flavorful profile became an instant hit around the globe. Straying from Macanudo’s signature mild blend, Inspirado Orange and Inspirado Black boast a medium to full-bodied smoke that delivers an unmatched, savory experience discerning smokers are raving about. 

Mao Blog

Macanudo Mao

Harkening back to the signature roots of the brand, Macanudo Mao features its original heirloom seeds from the 1960s. To taste the Mao is to savor tradition. Its combination of a Connecticut Shade wrapper, Mexican binder and aged filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Colombia offer a stronger, sweeter and even more flavorful Macanudo.

It’s been a busy year for the Macanudo team, but without change there can’t be progress. But it’s not about us - we want to know what you think.
Comment below and tell us your thoughts on Macanudo’s new look and new releases. 

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