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Introducing the Limited Edition Macanudo Mao

At Macanudo, we still craft them like they used to. Our latest proof, Macanudo Mao, was cultivated in the fertile Mao region of the Dominican Republic.

Featuring original Macanudo heirloom seeds from 1960 that were regenerated over 8 painstaking growing seasons, Macanudo Mao boasts a Cuban-seed Connecticut Shade wrapper, Mexican binder and aged long filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Colombia. The result is a stronger, sweet and even more flavorful Macanudo.

Macanudo Mao is available in three sizes - No. 10 (5x50), No. 11 (7x50) and No. 12 (6x57) - and each are beautifully presented in a gold-sealed wooden coffin. Displayed in 10-count boxes, only 1,800 boxes of each size of Macanudo Mao are available. So get to your local smoke shop and ask for Macanudo Mao before it runs out.

Lastly, rather than summarize the tradition Macanudo Mao continues, we thought we’d let you read what’s inside of the box, instead:

“To experience Macanudo Mao is to savor a tradition that spans nearly half a century, for this exceptional cigar hearkens back to the very roots of the brand. Blended exclusively for this limited release using tobacco cultivated from the original heirloom seeds from the 1960s, Macanudo Mao offers a glimpse into the flavor and aroma that ignited the passion for one of the world’s most beloved cigars.”


Thanks, as always.
Team Macanudo 

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